Updates on New Ultraman Series for 2018, Ultraman R/B | 更新 - 2018年の新ウルトラマン

Previously, I wrote some thoughts on Tsuburaya Production's upcoming Ultra series, and the names on the Ultras. The names of the heroes have been confirmed from a poster to indeed be Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu. The series is titled Ultraman R/B, strangely pronounced "Ultraman Rube" (ウルトラマンルーブ Urutoraman Rūbu), which was the source of the strange "Lube" name.

Ultraman Rosso is Ultraman Blu's elder brother, who seems to have his default form as Flame while Blu has his default form as Aqua. If they were both in the same form I guess the only way to tell the difference between them is Rosso's horns. 

The series gimmick is for the Ultras to turn into different forms using medal-like R/B Crystals (ルーブクリスタルスRūbu Kurisutarusu), each with a different Ultra warrior or kaiju that having an element associated with them. Rosso's Crystals have a pair of horns while Blu's only has one horn.The transformation device is rather large, to be held and activated with both hands. Below is the transformation sequence for Rosso.

  • Remove the R/B Crystals from the R/B Crystal Holder
  • Push out the "horns" of the crystal
  • Set the Crystal
  • Open the transformation device and insert Crystal
  • Using 3 devices to transform!
Rosso and Blu by default gain their forms from the Ultras' elemental powers.

  • Flame = Taro Crystal
  • Aqua = Ginga Crystal
  • Wind = Tiga Crystal
  • Ground = Victory Crystal
There are also other elements, including some from kaiju, including Stone (Gargorgon), Strength (Black King), Evil/Demonic (Grujiobone), "Fist" (Leo) and "Blade" (Ultraseven).

Other than their forms, the Ultras also wield the weapons R/B Slugger Rosso and Blu respectively, which can change colour according to the Crystals' element. 

Let's see how these elemental powers and interesting sibling team-up will work out in the series, which will air from 7th June.


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