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Kaiju Figures at Nakano Broadway 中野ブロードウェイの怪獣ソフビ

Continued from the post Hunt for Kaiju Figures in Japan. Nakano Broadway is truly a haven for collectors of all types, with antiques, anime goods, and of course, tokusatsu merchandise. It blew my mind the first time I visited, to come so close to the rarest of kaiju figures.

The Red Ultraman? Probably not. A reissue. 

Slicing Up Kaiju, and the Most Recent Occurence

A neat way for Ultras to deal with kaiju in the Showa era was to cut them up, be it decapitation, slicing into two, three, or even nine pieces. For the most part these are unbelievably violent for today's standards, but many fans still love them. For a few examples, Ultraman segmented Red King II into three blocks, Ultraseven famously slashed off Eleking's head causing all that purple internal stuff to gush out, and Jack removing Gronken's limbs traumatically. Of course, there's Ace. Just to name a few victims of Ace's cutting techniques: Vakishim, Doragory, Sphinx, Barbaras and Jumbo King getting decapitated, King Kappa, Metron Jr. getting sliced vertically, the sad Bad Ballon losing his head and then getting his body split in two. There was a great deal of realism put into the scenes, such as Metron's guts flowing out, or painting things like bones in the wound.

There seemed to be not much consideration for child appropriateness with this level of graphic vi…

Ultraman & Godzilla Masks

These were in a shop in Shibuya
And these in Harajuku
I might have bought them, but I was saving up for vinyl kaiju figures!

Kamisori Demaaga カミソリデマーガ

Kamisori Demaaga appears to be quite an ascended form of Demaaga. He's gonna appear in R/B after first debuting at Ultra Battle Stage in the Ultra Festival.
迫力のウルトラバトルステージでは強敵カミソリデマーガがウルトラヒーローたちを苦しめる!#ウルフェス — ウルトラマンフェスティバル2018 (@ulfes) August 1, 2018

新怪獣カミソリデマーガ(ダサい) — パンダ@8/4晴海 (@55622000) July 20, 2018

Horoborus + Orb Dark Pics

Horoborus' figure has been released. He looks pretty interesting, pretty mammalian and kinda like a Digimon.

Here are a couple of bad quality zoom ins of him. The second pic states his alias as 豪烈暴獣 "Brutal/Violent Beast". Also, why do I find an uncanny resemblace between him and Gukuru Shisa? 
And of course, the mysterious Ultraman Orb Dark. His Orb Calibur has only a Darkness symbol on it. Also, in the lower left there's a girl called Saki holding a Gyro, I wonder what that's about.

Triple Fighter Battle Videos

I've uploaded some fights from Triple Fighter on YouTube, the full playlist is here:

Triple Fighter Battle Victory Compilation トリプルファイター勝利集

A collection of Triple Fighter defeating Demon's kaijin.