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Hunt for Kaiju Sofubi Figures in Japan 日本の怪獣ソフビ探し

For all the kaiju sofubi figure collectors out there, here's a little guide for finding them in Japan. Begin this journey if you dare. Let's start with...

AkihabaraThere are several shops in Akihabara selling kaiju figures. Mandarake Complex Apparently the largest collectors' shop in the world, it's full black facade is unmistakable and not difficult to find. Kaiju figures are sold at the 7th floor. 

Because it's an official collectors' store, things are sold at high prices, or at the very least, at accurate prices for their value. If you are thrifty, the cheapest they have is dumped in a basket for digging. The older Bullmarkish figures sell for over 10000 yen so the most I could get were photos of them... I did manage to clinch a miraculous cheap vintage Jumborg Ace figure though. 

Japan, 〒101-0021 Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Sotokanda, 3丁目12−11
Operating Hours
1200 ~ 2000
Website: Monsters LABO Kanegon greets you, asking for some …

Ultraman R/B new pics


Not tokusatsu, but all the best for the Trump-Kim Summit


Alien Godola Shooting Stars feat. Ultraseven ゴドラ星人大冒険


Ultraman Ace throws Gitagitanga but...

What happens when Ace throws Gitagitanga in the air?

I found a Triple Fighter Ruler! トリプルファイター定規

この古い測定の定規は私の家にありました。 トリプルファイターのデザインがあります。40年前からあり、ヴィンテージだ。 This is an old ruler I found in my house, featuring Triple Fighter. It's over 40 years old, quite a vintage thing! 
かいじんがあらわれた サットしつどうせよ  A kaijin appeared SAT is dispatched ゆくぞ デビラめ デビラ砲を受けて見る Let's go, the cursed Devilas Behold the Devila cannon レッドファイター グリーンファイター オレンヂファイター* へんしんだ!!  Red Fighter Green Fighter  Orange Fighter Transform!!   トリプルファイター 怪人ジャガードをたおせ Triple Fighter Defeat the kaijin Jaguard  さあこいジャガード トリプルへんしん Bring it on, Jaguard Triple Transform にげるかジャガード そら! トリプルキックだ!! ギャー Running away, Jaguard?  Behold, Triple Kick!!  Ahhhh!!

Updates on New Ultraman Series for 2018, Ultraman R/B | 更新 - 2018年の新ウルトラマン

Previously, I wrote some thoughts on Tsuburaya Production's upcoming Ultra series, and the names on the Ultras. The names of the heroes have been confirmed from a poster to indeed be Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu. The series is titledUltraman R/B, strangely pronounced "Ultraman Rube" (ウルトラマンルーブ Urutoraman Rūbu), which was the source of the strange "Lube" name.

Ultraman Rosso is Ultraman Blu's elder brother, who seems to have his default form as Flame while Blu has his default form as Aqua. If they were both in the same form I guess the only way to tell the difference between them is Rosso's horns. 

The series gimmick is for the Ultras to turn into different forms using medal-like R/B Crystals (ルーブクリスタルスRūbu Kurisutarusu), each with a different Ultra warrior or kaiju that having an element associated with them. Rosso's Crystals have a pair of horns while Blu's only has one horn.The transformation device is rather large, to be held and activated w…