Kaiteijin 8823 Song Lyrics | 海底人8823 歌

This is the opening theme of a black and white tokusatsu, Kaiteijin 8823. A really catchy song!

海底人8823 ビクター児童合唱団 誰の耳にも聞こえない 
三万サイクル 音の笛
エイ! 8・8・2・3 謎の人
8・8・2・3 海底人 正義の勇者だ 
8823(ハヤブサ)だ 大儀おこれば奮い立ち 
エイ! 8・8・2・3 謎の人 8・8・2・3 海底人 平和の使いだ 
8823(ハヤブサ)だ 星は流れて地に落ちて 
竜巻 空に舞い上がる 宇宙に敵の起こる時 エイ! 8・8・2・3 謎の人
8・8・2・3 海底人 我らの友達 8823(ハヤブサ)だ Dare no mimi ni mo kikoenai
san man saikuru-oto no fue
sono fue fukeba tondekuru
8 8 2 3 nazo no hito
8 8 2 3 kaitei jin
seigi no yūshada 8823 (hayabusa) da
taigi okoreba furuitachi-
ha o ketatete umi o iku
hikari ga oto ka
chikara ka netsu ka
8 8 2 3 Nazo no hito
8 8 2 3 kaitei jin
heiwa no tsukaida 8823 (hayabusa)da
hoshi wa nagarete ji ni ochite
tatsumaki sora ni maiagaru
uchū ni teki no okoru toki
8 8 2 3 Nazo no hito
8 8 2 3 kaitei jin
warera no tomodachi 8823 (hayabusa)da

Ultraman Destroys Tokyo in the Final Episode?! | ウルトラマンは最後回で東京を破壊する?!

There has been an urban legend circulating along the lines of Ultraman destroying a city in the final episode of the series. For Ultraman fans, it would be obvious that this is not true. The memorable final episode featured Zetton, a kaiju even Ultraman could not defeat, probably shocking a lot of kids in those days. However, a considerable number of people have memories of watching such an episode on TV of Ultraman causing mass destruction. Some even say he teams up with a monster to go on a rampage. What is this? A Mandela Effect??

Such rumours have been circulating since the 1980s in Saitama Prefecture in Japan. There is an explanation for this. A tokusatsu show by the name of Iron King, featuringan Ultraman-like hero, was rebroadcast on Television Saitama from 1985 to 1986.

The final episode of this series, episode 26, does not actually end with the hero destroying everything, though. Such a scene appears at the end of the second-last episode, episode 25. Of course, Iron King does…

Song of Seven Colour Mask | 七色仮面の歌

Here are the lyrics of a song from a 1950s tokusatsu show, Nanairo Kamen or Seven Colour Mask.
とけないなぞを さらりとといて このよにあだなす ものたちを デンデントロリコ やっつけろ デンデントロリコ やっつけろ 七つのかおの おじさんの ほんとのかおは どれでしょう
ゆめは七色 きれいなにじの みんなよんでる しあわせを デンデントロリコ もってくる デンデントロリコ もってくる 七つのこえの おじさんの ほんとのこえは どれでしょう

とけないなぞを さらりとといて このよにあだなす ものたちを デンデントロリコ やっつけろ デンデントロリコ やっつけろ 七つのかおの おじさんの ほんとのかおは どれでしょう
ゆめは七色 きれいなにじの みんなよんでる しあわせを デンデントロリコ もってくる デンデントロリコ もってくる 七つのこえの おじさんの ほんとのこえは どれでしょう

Silver Kamen vs Alien Krygys | シルバー仮面vsキルギス星人


Silver Kamen vs Alien Tigris | シルバー仮面vsチグリス星人


Why is Silver Kamen Ep 1 so Dark? | シルバー仮面第1話はなぜ暗いのですか?

Silver Kamen was a unique tokusatsu show created by many staff formerly from the Tsuburaya production team. They included Akio Jissōji, Yamagiwa Eizō and Tōru Toyama.

If you are familiar with Silver Kamen, you'll know it's a show with a dark tone and serious story, but how about the episode where there is literally poor lighting? That is none other than Episode 1, "My Hometown is Earth". Watch the first 6 minutes of the video below.
There is a very surreal feeling to the prologue, and it has very low lighting. The darkness was actually intentionally employed. Read on to find out why.

At first, the production team had difficulty selecting the cast for the show, and so the filming was delayed to 4th November. At that time, Tsuburaya's Mirrorman was scheduled to be aired because TBS could not obtain the permission of another show's creator. Mirrorman would then  go on to compete for audience with Silver Kamen. Meanwhile, another show, Gatsu Jun, was cancelled a …

Ultra Fight Gomora and Episode 196 | ウルトラファイトゴモラ • 196話

Ultra Fight was a low budget show created by Tsuburaya Productions when the company was in a critical situation after several of their shows failed to gain popularity. Ultra Fight itself was well received by viewers, and Tsuburaya managed to produce 196 episodes compared to the planned 130. Though there is something strange about episode 196, Monster Morgue (怪獣死体置場), which features Woo as well as Gomora who never appeared in any of the other 195 episodes.

Episode 195 was supposed to be the final episode, airing on 2nd July 1971. However, some episodes of Ultra Fight were re-edited fight scenes from Ultraman and Ultraseven. Thus, when Ultraseven episode 12 was banned, episode 9 of Ultra Fight (production ep 45), featuring scenes from there, also had to be sealed and could not be rebroadcast. So, Tsuburaya hastily created an episode to replace that. It aired on 6th July.

Why was Gomora used? I have no idea. Gomora is the only Ultra Fight kaiju to just appear in one episode. However, it …