New Ultraman for 2018 | 2018年の新しいウルトラマン - Ultraman Rosso, Bull and Lube

Tsuburaya has trademarked several Ultras for a new series coming up this year (2018). "Ultraman Rosso", "Ultraman Bull" and "Ultraman Lube" are the names given by some tokusatsu communities based on their Japanese names, ウルトラマンロッソ, ウルトラマンブル and ウルトラマンルブ.
Ultraman Rosso silhouette seen on a magazine

From what I found, "Rosso" is the masculine noun for red in Italian. ブル can be interpreted as Bull or Blue, due to the Japanese approximation. The short "u" at the end is weird because Blue is usually spent ブルー Burū. Perhaps it was meant to be Blu in Italian, like Rosso, and they thought Blu had a shorter sound, though I'm not sure if that's true. As for "Lube", ルブ can be variously interpreted as Luve, Rube, Ruve and many other weird combinations. Some fans have suggested that it is Louve, a she-wolf. Perhaps we will see a new female Ultra in a long while. 

Above are Rosso and Bull/Blu's forms, AquaFlameWind and Ground, seemingly elemental forms. Somehow they both have the same forms, which is a pretty unique idea. All the forms look like recolours of the same design. They have done away with the gimmick of using past Ultra warriors' powers. 

Anyway, look forward to this new series! Go here for the update on this. 


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