GUYS' Weapons Based on Previous Defence Teams ② | 以前の防衛チームに基づくGUYS兵器 ②

In 1968, Ultraseven fought the robot King Joe, whose Pedanium Armour proved to be too strong for the hero. Eventually, a certain Dr Dorothy Anderson developed Ryton R30, the only material that can destroy Pedanium. The Ultra Garrison fired a Ryton R30 Bomb at King Joe and the robot stopped moving before sparking and exploding.
Ultra Garrison firing the bomb

Then in Ultraman Mebius, GUYS developed a Space Mine, the Ryton R30 Mine. As its name suggests, it is installed in space to prevent invaders from entering Earth. We are now technically safe from King Joes!! Unfortunately they are still attacking in alternate universe of Ultraman X .Aditionally, I wonder how they do not explode when Earth spaceships fly into space, but they might be harmless to materials other than Pedanium.

The mines exploding


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