GUYS' Weapons Based on Previous Defence Teams ① | 以前の防衛チームに基づくGUYS兵器 ①

During episode 39 of Ultraman Ace, way back in 1972, Yapool's agent Alien Fire a powerful choju, Firemons, on a rampage. Ace was not able to defeat him, with Firemons withstanding his Metallium Ray and ended getting stabbed with the Fire Sword. TAC then produced a powerful cannon called Silver Shark that destroyed Firemons easily, implying that the laser is stronger than a Metallium Ray. This is the first time TAC destroyed a choju (doesn't that mean they are not successful as a defence team?).

In Ultraman Mebius, another Silver Shark was introduced, called Silver Shark G. This was a large beam gun placed beside the GUYS headquaters, the Phoenix Nest. It boasts range and precision that can destroy meteorites falling to Earth.


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